Zillifro & Associates strives each day to become better, and remain the best chemicals and energy recruiting company in the US.

Zillifro & Associates strives each day

to become better, and to remain the best chemicals and energy recruiting company in America.

From A to Z, and back again, THE source for total recruiting performance!

From A to Z, and back again...

THE source for total recruiting performance!

Recruiting Industries Served

Recruiting the Best People for the Best Companies

In Specialty Chemicals & Related Products, Energy, and Construction

Do All The Good You Can

Not easy to accomplish, but worthy of pursuit!

Do all the good you can.       ~       By all the means you can.
       In all the ways you can.       ~       In all the places you can.
          At all the times you can.       ~       To all the people you can.
                     ~       As long as ever you can.
                                                                                                          -Charles Wesley

Bringing Both Ends Together

Bringing Both Ends Together

Vacancies make your company weaker.
You could fill the gap with anyone, but only truly special people make an organization stronger.
Those are the people we find for our clients!

Hard Working Executive Recruiters

Each New Day

Each new day is a gift from God…
We choose to live each day as if it is our last; and to
Do so with as much passion, and grace, as possible.

What We Do

In life, it is not what everyone else does which makes a person achieve excellence. That simply says that one is in the game. The same is true for companies. What truly distinguishes a recruiting organization is not what a specific company does that is the same as others; but, what is different.

Why We Are Different

What, then, is the difference? In our case it is a matter of attitude, perseverance, diligence, effort, level of skills, and, perhaps most importantly– involvement. That involvement with our candidates means that we frequently share their victories, and sometimes their pain. With our clients, it translates to a sense of ownership of the process, and the mutual celebration over jobs well done. It is as if we work for our client companies. We share their pride in achieving goals, and accomplishments. We are part of their team; and, they are part of ours.

Who Should Be Working With Us

Finally, we do not try to be all things for all people. That is a recipe for certain failure. We do try to be the go to source for the following specialties: chemicals and related products, energy, and construction with a heavy emphasis upon sales, technical service, marketing, engineering, and new product development. All major recruiting companies:

  • Source
  • Coach
  • Post Positions
  • Present Opportunities
  • Consult
  • Research
  • Manage Searches
  • Counsel
  • Present Candidates
  • Evaluate
  • Develop Specialties
  • Cultivate Client Relationships
  • Reference Check
  • Negotiate
  • Recruit
  • Network
  • Market
  • Make Offers
  • Educate

Please check us out…  We would love to work with you and demonstrate why we are different!

Recruiting the Best for the Best...