Finn, Tom

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Finn, Tom

pictures up to 01.10.2012 036Vice President & Construction Specialist


After graduating from college where he excelled as a football player, Tom entered the family construction company Lange-Finn, a major player in the up-state New York marketplace for many years, until the company was later sold by his father. At one point, or another, Tom worked in about every capacity possible on a major construction worksite. Later, he sold construction products extremely successfully in the Northeast before moving south, and becoming an executive recruiter. He has parlayed his experience in the Northeast into becoming perhaps the industry’s most trusted, and respected, construction recruiter in that part of the world. Tom does not believe in getting too far from his roots, either in his specialty of construction where he has heavy experience in both civil, and commercial, construction; or, the geography, where he knows every aspect of the business, and how it is conducted.

His specialties include: heavy civil, Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Transportation, Commercial, etcetera; and, he places estimators, project managers, superintendents, quality control specialists, schedulers, presidents, vice presidents, and managers of all kinds.

He believes that tougher times simply mean that his clients are more focused on efficiency, and want higher quality people to make that happen. He is driven to find the best talent available; just like Zillifro & Associates whose very by-line is “recruiting the best for the best” which about says it all.

Tom is a family man, and appreciates just what a person’s employment means to the strength and stability of a family. He is fond of saying that he still gets a thrill with each placement he makes because he knows that that person never would have heard about the opportunity without his efforts. When he hears the excitement, and joy, in a newly placed candidate’s voice, it makes him excited enough to get up and want to do it all over again the next day!

Recruiting the Best for the Best...