Herrera, Courtney

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Herrera, Courtney

Courtney HerreraResearch Assistant 

Courtney Herrera has been around the recruiting industry her entire life, and likes to joke that much of what she knows simply came by way of osmosis. If one stops there, though, he, or she, will have short-changed one of the brightest, most talented, and well educated people in our industry. Holding a degree in elementary education from the University of North Carolina–Greensboro, Courtney spent three years teaching in the public school systems of North Carolina and Tennessee, where she was known for being a tireless worker, and totally dedicated to helping her students to learn.

Courtney is a gifted communicator, and always has been. She is the kind of person whom small children gravitate to, and with whom she seems to share a special connection. In one school, it was quickly noticed that student reading test scores seemed to rise more rapidly in her class than in other classes. As a result, she was asked to help remediate other students at her grade level who were falling behind, and scoring poorly. She willingly undertook this challenge so that all could achieve better test scores, and be able to advance not only in their studies, but in life.

She has also pursued graduate level studies, and was invited to give a presentation on the informal communication mechanisms that military families use to share information, especially when soldiers are deployed, at Georgetown University.

Courtney has a passion for project work, and is creatively gifted. The photographic, and organization work, for this website were the product of her hands. Because of this, she is heavily involved in research work to find hidden candidates, and also in keeping the rest of the group on task, and on time, in completing various searches.

She has a special interest in the welfare of military families, and as a recruiter, does all that she can to help them transition from military to civilian life.

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