Zillifro, Robert

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Zillifro, Robert

RobertZillifroDirector of Information Technology
Robert Zillifro is now in his second career. After retiring as an Information Technology Supervisor for a State/Federal Disability Office, he joined Z&A to serve as its Information Technology Director, and also work as a special projects researcher. While in government, he was responsible for 125 work stations, and was the “go to” person for trouble-shooting all agency software used in the conduct of its day to day business. In addition to resolving various networking, and other computer issues, he handled reimaging machines, IT education, and maintenance of various reporting functions. He is familiar with the I Series IBM operating environments, different data base systems, and various Windows based programs.

Further, the demands placed upon him keep technology current, and ahead of the ever evolving, and changing, needs of a major organization gave him insight into what is necessary to keep a company growing, and improving.

Zillifro & Associates is extremely fortunate to have a person of Robert’s broad, and in-depth experience to not only help our company grow, but to provide special assistance on various recruiting assignments, especially those involving technology.

Some of Mr. Zilifro’s honors, and awards, follow:

  • SSA Commissioner’s Citation, May 2003
  • SSA Regional Commissioner’s Citation, July 2005
  • SSA Associate Commissioner’s Citation, March 1998
  • Regional Commissioner’s Citation, May 1996
  • West Virginia Outstanding Contribution Award, 1995
  • Excellence in Service Award, September 2012
  • Quality Recognition Award, West Virginia Rehabilitation Services, September 2004

Note: SSA is the United States Social Security Administration

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